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As a Dog Listener I have regular contact with dog owners who ask me questions regarding their dog’s health. I am not the expert in this subject, my field being dog training and dog behaviour, so I am not always the best person to ask these questions of. So this week I have included a guest blog on my site from the world of pet health care, on some of the symptoms you can look out for and possible ways of treating them. If in doubt I would of course recommend that you check with your vet:

“It is a sad fact of life, but almost all animals, be it house pets or other, are prone to get ill at some point. Thankfully, with major developments in medical and veterinary science, many conditions are much easier to treat or cure. Medications are also a lot more accessible now, meaning health issues that arise with your pet are now less of a problem than they used to be.

To be able to tackle the problem at an early stage, it is important to know the various illnesses and symptoms that are out there.

A common condition found in older dogs is osteoarthritis, which is a result of worn-down and degenerating joints. This can greatly affect mobility, causing pain and stiffness in the animal’s joints. 

Another common condition, usually found in middle-aged to older dogs, is hypothyroidism. This is caused by an under-active thyroid gland. Its symptoms often include poor coat or skin problems, extreme tiredness and weight gain. 

Heart problems can happen to dogs of any ages, depending on their diet and genetics. Issues concerning the heart can be very serious, so it is important to immediately treat it and remember to control it. 

It is vital to keep check of our pet’s health as they cannot, unlike us, voice any aches or pains they may have. The advances in pet medication mean that treatment and cures are far more abundant and accessible. What experiences do you have of purchasing or using pet medications? Did they work?”


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