Your Chihuahua is Really A Wolf!!!

I’ve had some really interesting conversations over the last few days about dog breed specific behaviour. Or to be precise, about our perspectives of breed specific behaviour. Some examples include; huskies/malamutes pull on the lead, because they are bred to pull sledges. Lakeland Terriers are natural ratters, so will all want to find small creatures to kill. German Shepherd Dogs have a natural  instinct to protect that is bred into them. Labradors are bred to be good family dogs. I spend a lot of time discussing issues of breeding, and how ultimate all dogs are canine, as is a wolf. So whatever your breed of dog, from a Bichon Frise to a Great Dane and everything in between, the key instinct that the dog operates on is the canine one, your Chihuahua thinks it is a wolf! Anything breed specific is extra, and whether it is there or not is debatable! Do we really believe that all French people wear berets and eat frog’s legs? A percentage may well do, but it is a generalisation and a stereotype.

So instead of reading books about your dog’s specific breed, and looking into the history of it’s parents and grandparents, try reading books about canines in the natural environment. What do they do? What’s important to them?! The poor wolf has been demonised over the years by the farmers who’ve penned their animals, unfortunately making them much easier for the sensible wolves to hunt. Wolves are in reality incredibly intelligent and sociable animals. They kill only to survive. They work together as a pack to achieve more between them, they elect their leaders and check the leadership is effectively in place daily. We can learn a lot from them! So before you decide that there’s no hope for you because your dog is breed x so will always do y behaviour, remember that it is a canine. Learn about the canine instinct, understand that canines respond to effective leadership, show them what they need to see and they will work with you, not against you…


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