Why I wouldn’t recommend looking for dog trainers on Bark.com


If you’re looking for Dog Trainers on Bark.com here’s something you would benefit from considering…

What are you actually looking for?

I get notifications from Bark.com every day along the lines that “Katie is looking for dog trainers in Basildon”. Bark then goes on to say what Katie (fictional person) is looking for, e.g. obedience, classes, 121, and tells me how much it has told Katie she can expect to pay.

Now that’s all very well and good if your service is exactly like for like.  E.g. Katie is looking to get 2 new tyres for her Mini Cooper S, in Basildon.  However a service is a very different thing. Especially when it comes to a topic like dog training, which is definitely NOT like for like.

What it has failed to look at is why Katie wants training.  What’s actually going on, what behaviour problems have developed?  What’s the family set up? What kind of relationship does Katie want with her dog.  What approach to dog training would she prefer?

The way I see it, there are 3 approaches:

  1. Dog trainers – they teach the obedience stuff.  Sit, stay, leave, down, heel etc.
  2. Dog behaviourist – they look at problems and address the symptoms of the problems.
  3. Dog Listeners – we look at things from the dog’s perspective, addressing the cause of problems and teach you how to help your dog by communicating in a way that they understand and that covers everything that is important to them.

Even within each of these disciplines there will be a wide variety of approaches, personality types and abilities, so if you are looking for help with your dog, ask yourself:

do you want the cheapest, or do you want to know a little bit more about their approach before you make your decision…?

When Bark.com first launched I was given free credits and I did initially reply to a few people who were ‘looking’ but after a while I stopped because I realised that I don’t want to work with EVERYONE who wants dog training.  I want to work with people who want what’s best for their dog.

I am not normally one for blowing my own trumpet, but I am going to do it now:

I wholeheartedly believe that what I can teach you will make a MASSIVE difference to your dog’s behaviour and well being.  It’s also going to teach you a new profound level of respect for the true nature of your dog.  

If this reasonates, get in touch.  If it doesn’t, get on Bark.com.

If you don’t believe my own trumpet blowing, here’s some recent feedback:


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