What Dog Behaviour myths have you heard…?

Recently I blogged about whether or not it was possible to teach an old dog new tricks. A while back I was told that a vet had advised that a dog which was showing a little bit of food aggression would need to be destroyed (it was 16 weeks old), and just today I heard of a rescue organisation advising that 2 female dogs could not live together because they would kill each other. All of these are dog behaviour myths. I’m keen to put to bed other myths and it would be really helpful to hear some of the things which are being advised on dog behaviour. I’m not asking anyone to name any names, just tell us what you’ve heard so we can put the story straight and allow more dogs to be given a fair chance via a new approach, rather than being written off before they’ve even been understood. ¬† EDIT – this blog answering these myths has now been answered. ¬†Please see the results on dog behaviour myths here.

dog behaviour myths


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