Watch out for puppy scams online

Watch out for puppy scams if you are looking for pups on the internet, and please please do not be tempted to buy them if you have not seen the puppies in the flesh, in their home. It’s a sad fact that there are opportunist criminals who will hide behind the internet and take advantage of unsuspecting dog lovers, so be aware…

Any breeder with a sense of common decency will want to meet and interview you, to make sure that you are suitable for taking care of the lives they are placing in your hands. Someone who just wants your money will not be interested in meeting you. Unfortunately yesterday I heard of a number of individuals who have been ripped off by parties posing as breeders, advertising pups on line, and taking money off people for puppies that they haven’t even seen in the flesh. The money has been taken by courier “to secure the puppy”, with the fake breeder saying that the puppy will be delivered to them… There were no puppies, these were fake adverts, and these people lost their money.

Please remember that pictures can be copied on line; a picture is not evidence that the person showing the advertisement actually has the dogs. Also please be responsible about purchasing puppies. It is a lifetime commitment, so take the time to visit the puppies in their home, find out how they are being treated and how they interact with one another. A puppy is not a whim purchase, if a breeder is about to go “out of stock”, either get up their pronto to view the dog, or decide that it’s not meant to be. There are plenty of other dogs available, puppies and rescue, who would love a good home.

Avoid puppy scams, buy and re-home from decent individuals, and report anything suspicious.  And if you are taking on a puppy, remember that beginning puppy training early on is an essential ingredient to having a happy pup.


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