Vegan Dog Trainer Essex

As a vegan, I have noticed on some forums that a lot of my fellow vegans are interested in doing business with other vegans where possible.  As a vegan dog owner, I also have no doubt that it is also really important to you that the dog training methods that you pick are kind and do not cause any harm.

Well I am pleased to be able to say that I am a vegan dog trainer / behaviourist and I cover the whole of Essex and a little further beyond.  At the time of writing I have been a vegetarian for 22 years, and a vegan for 6 months.  Doing no harm is really important to me, so I also buy fairtrade and environmentally friendly wherever possible too.

This desire to do no harm of course extends to the method of dog training and behaviour that I use.  The approach that I teach you actually prioritises the needs of your dog over your own.  Now I am aware that not many people would believe that they aren’t meeting their dog’s needs.  That’s because a common problem in British dog owning culture is that we actually misunderstand our dog’s needs and prioritise affection, walking and play over the things that are really important to them – survival, safety, pack hierarchy.  When a dog doesn’t see the things that are important to them being clearly taken care of (in a way they understand), they become stressed and all manner of dog behaviour problems results.

Rather than training the undesireable behaviours out of a dog, what we do is show them that you are taking care of the important stuff through changing some of your behaviour and thus they can relax.  Then most of the undesireable behaviour clears up on its own, and anything that doesn’t, we simply work in a few tweaks to kindly show them what we would rather they were doing.  By this time they are trusting and accepting our decisions much more easily, so are happier to go along with it.

So if you are a vegan and would prefer to use a vegan dog trainer / behaviourist then I’m the one for you!  I am based in Leigh on sea, and I cover all of Essex – Basildon, Chelmsford, Southend, Colchester and just beyond into East London, Suffolk and Kent.


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