Understanding True Nature Part 2 – The true nature of humans

true nature of a dog

This article is a bit of a departure from the norm for me when it comes to writing blog posts, as I usually focus on the nature of dogs and their behaviour.  For those of you who read what I wrote in Understanding True Nature Part 1 – The true nature of dogs – that article was inspired by some clarity I’ve received on the fundamental nature of the human experience, so I wanted to write something about the fundamental nature of dogs.

It feels that it would be remiss of me not to share this knowledge on the fundamental human  experience with those who are interested in learning more…

Similarly to the article about dogs, I wish to start with where we get our understanding wrong.  What the truth actually is and what to do about it.

Where we get things wrong

Our misunderstanding of the human experience is related to where it comes from.  At present the majority of us believe that our experience of life is a result of what is going on around us, and that the feelings that we experience in our psychology are because of these external factors.  For short we are going to call this the Outside-In understanding. It is very normal to believe that is the source of our experience because we live in a world where that belief is continually perpetuated.  By friends, family, media, society, film, everything! How normal does this sort of expression sound? –

“I am feeling really stressed at the moment, because my work load is really high and I’m not getting any support from my boss”.

It sounds perfectly normal doesn’t it?  However this is Outside-In understanding.  There have been many times in history when everyone believed a particular thing, only for later it to be discovered that something else was actually the case.  For instance it wasn’t until the 1800s that is became widely known that invisble germs were the causes of infection.  This understanding put an increase of 30 years on the average person’s life expectancy, due to precautions we began to take.  Before this discovery, it was believed that infections were a bit more mysterious.  Possibly being due to a person’s disposition and character!

True Nature of Humans

Everything is actually an Inside-Out experience.  Everything we experience is the feeling of Thought in that moment.  Think about it…

  • Have you ever been at a brilliant event, but not having a very good time?
  • Have you ever been in a situation which supposedly should make you feel bad, but you felt calm and at peace?
  • Have you ever been really enjoying a piece of music, only to notice that other people around you seem indifferent to it?

This is because all of our experience is coming from the Thoughts we are experiencing in that moment.  Every time.  It is always an Inside-Out experience, not Outside-In.  It is the thoughts that we are thinking about the external situation which generates the negative or positive feeling.  Not the situation itself.  Taking the previous example, that would be better expressed as:

“I am feeling really stressed right now, because of the thoughts I am thinking about my work”.

This understanding is described as the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  If Mind, Thought and Consciousness were to be compared to the cinema – Mind would be the power source, Thought would be the film we are projecting, and Consciousness the light and sound that brings the Thought to life.  Our experience of life is us watching the film of our thoughts.  When we watch a film at the cinema, we get really caught up in it, don’t we?

What are the implications of this understanding?

In a short article like this I can only touch on a subject that many psychologist study and teach for decades – and I can assure you that the implications of this understanding are unlimited.  For the purpose of the blog I would summarise them as follows:

If we feel bad, we can acknowledge that we are doing some Outside-In thinking – mistakenly believing that the outside world is creating the negative feelings in us.  This then allows us to stop believing in the film we are watching, realising that it is only Thought being played out.  This realisation helps up to strip away repetitive thinking which troubles us and hinders our enjoyment of the life experience.

Secondly, by stripping away this contaminated thinking, we allow room for New Thought to come to us from within.  Inspiration, insights, ideas.  It is innate within us to feel good, to be inspired, to have purpose.  Most of us are so consumed by our Outside-In experience that we don’t have room to allow these new fresh thoughts to come through.

Thirdly – we can recognise that our thoughts are like clouds.  Our job is to notice that we feel bad and realise that it is just because we are feeling our thinking, and our thinking is a cloud that is temporarily obscuring the sun.  Clouds naturally pass without us having to do anything about them.  See thoughts and feelings that do not please you as clouds which will just pass.  Behind the cloud is the sun.  The sun is our innate abilities, our innate happiness and wellbeing, the source of ideas and inspiration.  We all have this power, it is always there.  We just need to wait for the clouds to pass from time to time.

Why am I sharing this information?

Well, like when I stumbled across the True Nature of Dogs is was like a lightbulb going off and a penny dropping at the same time.  The same is true with this understanding.  It just took me a bit longer to come across it.  Some of you may already be aware that I also work as a Life Coach and Business Coach – working with people on how they can get the best out of themselves, their lives and businesses.  This understanding of these 3 Principles has revolutionised the way I help my clients.  It is also revolutionising the world of psychology, leadership, rehabilitation, sports performance among other things.

I wanted to share this because I believe the more people understand it, the better a place the world will be for all of us.  Just the same as the way that I believe the more people understand the nature of dogs, the better a place the world will be for dogs and us as their owners.

From time to time I run events to explore this understanding.  For full details follow this Eventbrite link.

If you would like to learn more about the 3 Principles I can recommend some books and resources:


  • “The Inside-Out Revolution”  – Michael Neill
  • “The Path of No Resistance” – Garret Kramer (Garret is my mentor)
  • “The Enlightened Gardener” – Sydney Banks
  • “One Thought Changes Everything” – Mara Gleason



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