Train a dog like you would sell a product

Why should you train a dog like you would sell a product?  In order to make your training successful…  

What do I mean by this…?  

Think about what makes us buy:  We buy something because we need it.  It solves a problem that we are having.  The benefits of the product or service meet a need, or a pain that we are feeling.  And it is this principle on which people sell to us.  They point out  our pain or our need, let us then imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have that problem any more, show us how they can resolve that problem for us, and then they finally sell us their product.

They do NOT go:

“Here’s my product.  Buy it.  Buy it.  BUY IT.  BUY IT.  Please buy it!  Oh why won’t you buy it you stupid consumer, it’s obvious that you need it!  I’ll give you a sweetie if you buy it, come on, JUST BUY IT!!!”

How does this compare to the way you train a dog?

If you want to train a dog successfully it’s worth bearing this principle in mind.  So you do not want to be training a dog by ramming down their throats what you want them to do.  Repeating yourself and getting louder and louder, like the example above.  Dogs are like people in that they think “What’s in it for me?”.  Why should they want to buy into doing things your way…?  Well I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Train a dog based on their needs.

To successfully train a dog you need to have perspective on what is important to them.  What is their pain, or their need…? Well, their main focus is around survival of the pack.  The survival of the pack is dependent on clear leadership.  Someone taking full responsibility.  If you want to train your dog the easy way, you need to start with meeting this need.  Be the clear leader.  This takes all of the stress away from your dog.  Then training them will be a doddle, because they will WANT to do what you ask, and will be able to pay attention to what you are asking, because all of their survival concerns have been met…

Don’t believe me?  Here is a list of basic dog behaviour problems, and how they are connected to survival:

  • Toileting indoors  =   Marking to warn off intruders and to let missing pack members know where to return to.
  • Barking = To warn off potential threats, and to alert the pack to presence of danger.
  • Pulling on the lead = To take charge of the hunt (food finding), and be the first to encounter any problems
  • Aggression towards other dogs = To warn/fight the other dog off out of self defence (attack being the best form of defence)
  • Poor recall = Dog thinks what it is doing is more important (given that you are in no-man’s land at the time, and surviving it is the most important thing)
  • Destruction = Stress response to thinking the pack are in danger and they are responsible but unable to do anything about it.
  • Jumping up = Assertive behaviour, to prove themselves as capable of looking after the pack.
  • Food aggression = Self preservation
  • Aggressive when touched = self preservation

Please give me some more problems and I will let you know how they relate to survival!


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