Dogs Trust In Wickford

Rehoming your dog with the Dogs Trust

If you have found this page after Googling Dogs Trust in Wickford, as you were looking to find out about re-homing your dog, please have a look at some of the pages on this website.  It may help you to understand why you dog is behaving the way it does, and know that there is help available.  Over the years I’ve worked hard to provide lots of articles to help dog owners understand their dogs.  If you look to the right of this page you will see a list of “Tags” that may help you to get some useful information.  The good news is that any behaviour problem can be helped, you just probably haven’t had the right information to know how to improve your situation so far.

Rescuing a dog from the Dogs Trust

If you were looking for them so you could rescue – great!  Have a read of “The Practical Dog Listener” by Jan Fennell, so you are prepared before you bring one home.  Having written an article recently about how to choose a rescue dog, I’m hopefully that the arrival of the Trust in the area will provide an opportunity for me to get the message about Amichien Bonding spread around the county, from a widely recognised name in dog circles.

Donating money to the Dogs Trust

And if you were looking to donate money, I’m very pleased to know that – follow this link to the Dogs Trust official website to find out how to do it.  If you’ve driven down the A127 recently you won’t have failed to notice the big yellow dog wagon, and the yellow blimp in the air, announcing the arrival of the Dogs Trust in Wickford, and asking you to pledge funds.

I really take my hat off to dog rescue centres.  They are doing such a lot of work to take care of the poor dogs that have been passed on by their owners for whatever reason.  I just hope that their arrival means an increase in ownership of dogs locally, with people choosing to give a misunderstood dog a chance, rather than creating a demand for puppies.   I’m on standby to help anyone who would like to understand their dog better.


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