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How to protect yourself and your dog from the new Dangerous Dog Laws

The recent change in the Dangerous Dog Laws now means that the legislation extends to private property, and owners could face prosecution if they dog bit someone in their own home.  The act is intended to encourage owners to take more control of their dog’s behaviour.  What it doesn’t bear in mind is the way that a dog might be made to feel within their own home, that owners may not be aware of either.So (more…)

When to put a dog to sleep

SAM_0330Age, ill health, or behaviour… How does one know when to put a dog to sleep? I’ve seen both sides of this in my life and work. I made the very difficult decision to put my beautiful boy Sandy to sleep when he was a very elderly 17 year old. It was a very difficult choice to make as there was no sudden illness or vet’s diagnosis, we just saw a very slow decline in his mobility and therefore the  quality (more…)

Why dogs bite…

I wanted to write an article explaining why dogs bite, because in many case when owners contact me after their dogs have bitten requesting my help, they are very surprised about it and don’t understand the reasons. Many then fear that they have got an aggressive dog, and that it will always bite. There are a number of reasons that dogs bite and there are also a number of things you can do to avoid (more…)

The New Dangerous Dogs Legislation and Why Dogs Bite

Recently we heard news of the legislation regarding dangerous dogs which “go out of control and bite”, and how this is now extending beyond the original breeds which were classed as ‘dangerous dogs’ to all breeds and will go further than the destruction order, to in some cases include imprisonment for the owner for up to two years.

The reality is that ANY dog can bite. Not just dogs with ‘aggression’.

dangerous dogs

It  (more…)