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Does my dog enjoy the walk?

At least every other person that I help with their dog believes that their dog enjoys the walk.  Even in cases when people’s dogs are exhibiting some rather undesireable behaviour, such as aggression towards other dogs – many people will still believe that their dog essentially enjoys walking.

Dog ready for walk

The question that I usually ask them is “How do you know?” so I would like to address that in an article (more…)

Help! My dog is always barking on the walk…

Over the years I have helped many people whose dogs are barking on the walk in a multitude of different ways.  It can take many different forms:

  • Barking at other dogs when they get close to one another
  • Barking at dogs even when they are in the distance
  • Barking at people who look at them or try to interact
  • Barking at certain people, e.g. those with beards, hats on, high viz
  • Barking (more…)

Destroying the myth: hyperactive dogs and exercise

I’d say at least 70% of dog owners I go and help are of the mistaken belief (when they get in touch) that exercise is an important tool for making sure that dogs aren’t hyperactive around the home.

Many owners, when describing their dog’s hyperactive behaviour to me will go on to tell me either:

  1. How much walking they do every day already – because they believe that will be my first bit of advice.
  2. (more…)

Help, my dog won’t walk!

Not the most common of dog behaviour problems, but I do get called to help about it every couple of months or so, are those strange creatures: dogs that won’t walk.  When I say won’t walk, what I really mean is they refuse to go out for a walk.  They are perfectly content to walk around in the house or garden, but don’t want to go any further.

The forms of ‘not walking’

There’s more than one approach (more…)

How to have a relaxed and happy dog

Surely that’s what we all want?  A relaxed and happy dog?  Many people think about obedience as being a desirable trait, but ultimately, if our dog is relaxed and happy, then we won’t be needing to get them to “obey” as they wouldn’t be causing any trouble in the first place. They will be a joy to live with, and they will have the same feelings about us!

How to know if you have a relaxed and happy (more…)

Dogs jumping up on the walk

If you’ve had the problem of your dogs jumping up on the walk at non-dog owners, then you have no doubt experienced the embarrassment of being told off by that person, demanding to know why you haven’t got your dog under control, and feeling a bit disgruntled about their now-muddy clothes…!

Why do dogs jump up on the walk?

Jumping up is about raising height and greeting.  If your dog feels the (more…)

Is my dog exercising enough?

Worried about how much exercise a dog needs and whether your dog is getting enough exercise?  Don’t.

As a nation, generally speaking our dog exercising habits are too extreme if anything.  Of course there are a few exceptions to this rule, and you do see overweight dogs, but more often than not this is due to overfeeding, rather than under exercising.  Yet many owners suffer with dog exercising (more…)