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Calm Christmas for Dogs

Are your Christmas preparations taking into consideration the busy-ness of Christmas, from a dog’s perspective?

It’s all a bit too much…

For many dogs, Christmas involves a degree of “too-muchness”.  Now, how much too-muchness is experienced depends on how different your Christmas period is to any other time of year, and how chilled your dog is about the festive comings and goings that are approaching.  (more…)

How to stop your dog jumping up at visitors…

SAM_0075Jumping up (even from tiny dogs) is a problem dog behaviour.  So how do you stop your dog jumping up at visitors, and keep them calm and relaxed when they arrive…? The main problem here is actually the visitor! The best types of visitor to have around are ones that don’t particularly like dogs but aren’t scared of them, because they will mostly walk in and ignore your dog. Visitors who love dogs (more…)

Is Your Dog Jumping Up at Visitors…?

Isn’t it embarrassing when you invite an acquaintance round, and they come in to be greeted by a dog jumping up at them. There are numerous problems with this, which will vary depending on the size and intensity of your dog! Including…

  • Ripped/snagged clothes
  • Brusing/scratched visitors
  • Visitors feeling scared to come round
  • Children learn to become afraid of dogs
  • More frail visitors could be (more…)