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Understanding True Nature Part 2 – The true nature of humans

true nature of a dog

This article is a bit of a departure from the norm for me when it comes to writing blog posts, as I usually focus on the nature of dogs and their behaviour.  For those of you who read what I wrote in Understanding True Nature Part 1 – The true nature of dogs – that article was inspired by some clarity I’ve received on the fundamental nature of the human experience, so I wanted to write something (more…)

Review Vicky Kelly Dog Listener

Vicky Kelly is a member of Jan Fennell’s organisation of International Dog Listeners.  Vicky’s website shows the quality control mark that is issued by the organisation to members who participate in the evaluation scheme.  All of Vicky Kelly’s clients are given a feedback form and encouraged to send their comments and observations directly to Jan Fennell.   This is both with regard to the conduct of (more…)

Have you got a barking dog?

Have you got a barking dog? Most dog’s will bark now and again. It can be annoying in some cases, but it is also one of the original reasons for the relationship between dogs and humans. The bark provided us with the early warning signal that we needed before we came under attack from enemy approaching, much further away than we could perceive with our human ears or eyes, so we could prepare and be (more…)

A Chance To Win…

As promised last week, I am happy to launch the competition for all of my contacts and website viewers to be in with a chance of winning Groupon Vouchers.

Have you heard of Groupon?

If you haven’t then it’s basically a site that offers discount vouchers for various services / products, ranging from shopping to restaurants and getaways. You can choose from a large range of cities to find your local (more…)