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Misunderstanding and misplaced compassion for dogs

An odd title, perhaps.  But bear with me while I explain.

We humanise dogs so easily.  Readily believing that they:

  • Get excited about things (e.g the walk, or our return home)
  • Are very affectionate (when they seek our attention or climb onto our laps)
  • Get bored (when we see restless behaviour)
  • Are being naughty, when they aren’t acting in the way we want them to.
  • Are happy because (more…)

Learn To Understand Your Dog

I like to spend a little time reflecting at the beginning of the year on what I want to achieve and what I have to offer. I found myself thinking about what I offer to people as a Dog Listener… Well most people will come to me looking for Dog Training, because there is some sort of problem which is making life a bit difficult. The problems are highly varied, from aggression to other dogs, aggression (more…)