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What is it About Small Dog Breeds?

Anyone who regularly reads my blogs will know that I don’t believe in breed generalisations, so why would I pick out small dog breeds as a subject for a blog?! Well there are some breed generalisations that are true; for example, typically chihuahua’s are small. Bernese Mountain Dogs, on the other hand are usually quite big. Staffies are muscular and have locking jaws. German shephards have long muzzles (more…)

Think you’ve got an untrainable dog?

I ask the question about having an untrainable dog, because it surprises me how many people I meet in passing who tell me about their dog’s behaviour as though it’s just something that they have to put up with (e.g. “Daisy jumps up at all of our visitors, it’s so embarrassing, we are constantly apologising for her, but that’s just the way she is”). Or tell me about what modifications they’ve made to (more…)

Dog Training Classes Essex

As a responsible dog owner you are faced with an awareness that your dog’s behaviour is important, and therefore you automatically look into dog training classes in Essex. Why is this? It’s because it is the beaten path, that is what our culture are used to doing, going along to dog training classes or clubs, with a view to teaching our dogs obedience with the hope that this will improve the dog’s (more…)

Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

I often get asked by dog owners whether they’ve left it too late to start dog training, and I get asked this question by owners with dogs from as young as 20 weeks, to as old as 10 years. So that begs the questions “Can you teach an old dog new tricks?” and “How old is too old for dog training?” and the answer is simple. It’s never too late.

Dogs see every day as a new day, a day that they wish to (more…)

The New Dangerous Dogs Legislation and Why Dogs Bite

Recently we heard news of the legislation regarding dangerous dogs which “go out of control and bite”, and how this is now extending beyond the original breeds which were classed as ‘dangerous dogs’ to all breeds and will go further than the destruction order, to in some cases include imprisonment for the owner for up to two years.

The reality is that ANY dog can bite. Not just dogs with ‘aggression’.

dangerous dogs

It  (more…)