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Does my dog enjoy the walk?

At least every other person that I help with their dog believes that their dog enjoys the walk.  Even in cases when people’s dogs are exhibiting some rather undesireable behaviour, such as aggression towards other dogs – many people will still believe that their dog essentially enjoys walking.

Dog ready for walk

The question that I usually ask them is “How do you know?” so I would like to address that in an article (more…)

Dog training techiques are ‘strategy’. Understanding is needed first.

dog training techniques
How helpful are dog training techniques?

Dog training techniques vs understanding

I was thinking about dog training techniques today as being like a “strategy” to get your dog to behave how you would like them to.  Unfortunately this approach is very rarely successful, or the success is short lived.  This is because strategy (more…)

Why do dogs destroy toys?

Dogs destroy toys out of their innate canine instincts to kill small fluffy things for food.  You may have noticed that in particular they are interested in pulling the insides out.  This is exactly what they would do to a small animal, as the innards are the best bit.  Of course once your dog has fulfilled their instinct they realise that the toy isn’t actually edible, so it gets left on the floor (more…)

Dogs crying at night

Anyone who has had dogs and children will know how distressing crying at night can be. Partly due to the loss of sleep, and partly because hearing someone that you care about displaying distress themselves, can really tug at the heartstrings and make you feel worried and/or guilty.

This is not a parenting blog, and I don’t know enough about children to be able to advise on them! Fortunately I do (more…)