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What counts as normal puppy behaviour?

In this article I’m going to discuss some of the behaviours that are ‘normal’ to see from a puppy.  I will explain why the pup is doing this behaviour and whether it is something that you can expect them to ‘grow out of’ or whether you will need to take action to remedy it.  These are the behaviours I will tackle.

  • Nipping
  • Chewing
  • Toiletting
  • Jumping up
  • Sleeping a lot
  • Refusing to (more…)

Always let a sleeping dog lie…?

I’ve been asked many times about whether it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks (which it is), and the other misunderstood belief we have about dogs is that we should always let a sleeping dog lie.  Now there is some truth in this one.

Letting a sleeping dog lie

My explanation to my clients about this one, is that if your dog is sleeping and gets startled by you trying to pick it up/stroke (more…)