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Why do I have such a disobedient dog!?

Many of the enquiries I receive come from owners wanting to stop their dog from being disobedient – and why wouldn’t they!?  Who wants to put up with any of this:

  • Dog running off with things they shouldn’t have
  • Repeatedly jumping up on the bed or sofa
  • Dogs stealing food
  • Dogs not coming in from the garden when they are asked
  • Dogs repeatly jumping up at you (especially, big heavy dogs)
  • Dogs (more…)

The importance of having good recall with your dog

good recall for your dogIt seems like every day there is a post on Facebook about a missing dog.  Sometimes dogs are stolen in terrible circumstances that cannot be avoided, on some occasions a dog is stolen by someone who manages to call it away from it’s owners using a big food incentive, and every so often a dog will just run off, not come back when called and then go missing for days and days, causing a huge amount  of (more…)

How to train your dog to come when called off a lead

Clay and AnnaBeing able to get your dog back when running off lead is really important. It keeps your dog safe from busy roads, would be dog nappers and it also prevents your dog from making an unwelcome approach to a nervous and/or aggressive dogs… If you want to train your dog to come when called off a lead reliably then read on for the basics of how to do it; and for those who wish to get a deeper understanding, (more…)