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Do ThunderShirts Work?

As we approach the firework season many dog owners whose dogs suffer with fear of fireworks and other loud noises are turning to the internet for information, desperate to stop their dog from feeling so worried at this time.  And one of the questions I get asked is “Do ThunderShirts work…?”  So here is my answer to that, and some other related questions:

Q: What is a ThunderShirt?

A: ThunderShirts (more…)

Signs of a Stressed Dog

Through conversations and observations recently I’ve realised that not everyone is aware of the signs of a stressed dog. For me the ultimate point of dog training or being a Dog Listener is to remove the stress from the dog. Yes, we all want well behaved dogs that are enjoyable and easy to live with too, but knowing that by treating any dog using Amichien Bonding I am removing its stress, keeps me (more…)

21 Dog Behaviour Myths Explained

As promised, today I am writing about some of the common (and not so common) myths that we hear about problem Dog Behaviour and Dog Training, and whether they are true or not. This blog is written with an understanding of canine instinct learnt from Jan Fennell. I am a Highly Recommended Associate of Jan Fennell, and regularly help dog owners to learn to understand their dogs and overcome and problem (more…)

Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

I often get asked by dog owners whether they’ve left it too late to start dog training, and I get asked this question by owners with dogs from as young as 20 weeks, to as old as 10 years. So that begs the questions “Can you teach an old dog new tricks?” and “How old is too old for dog training?” and the answer is simple. It’s never too late.

Dogs see every day as a new day, a day that they wish to (more…)

Pulling On The Lead.

Yesterday I looked out of the window to see a young man being taken for a walk by his two dogs. The word ‘waterskiing’ sprang to mind! Dogs pulling on the lead think that they are ‘leading the hunt’, which means that they think that they are in charge of your pack. If your dog pulls on the lead, no matter how relaxed or obedient it may be at other times, it is thinking that it really ought to be in (more…)

Learn To Understand Your Dog

I like to spend a little time reflecting at the beginning of the year on what I want to achieve and what I have to offer. I found myself thinking about what I offer to people as a Dog Listener… Well most people will come to me looking for Dog Training, because there is some sort of problem which is making life a bit difficult. The problems are highly varied, from aggression to other dogs, aggression (more…)

How Long Does It Take To Improve Problem Dog Behaviour?

When I go to help my clients with their dog training, to resolve the problems they are experiencing with their dogs; I am always asked how long will it take until the bad dog behaviour improves? I get asked this by every owner, whether their dog is a biter, barker, has separation anxiety, pulls on the lead, jumps up, or isn’t toilet trained. Whatever the behaviour, whatever the breed, people always (more…)