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Why is my dog aggressive to other dogs?

One of the most common behaviour problems I get called in to help with is a dog which is being aggressive to other dogs that it sees when out on the walk. So most owners are keen to know why their dog is aggressive to other dogs.

Commonly thought reasons for aggressive behaviour…

  • Lack of socialising/puppy training
  • A bad experience in the past (was attacked by another dog)
  • Owner is nervous (more…)

21 Dog Behaviour Myths Explained

As promised, today I am writing about some of the common (and not so common) myths that we hear about problem Dog Behaviour and Dog Training, and whether they are true or not. This blog is written with an understanding of canine instinct learnt from Jan Fennell. I am a Highly Recommended Associate of Jan Fennell, and regularly help dog owners to learn to understand their dogs and overcome and problem (more…)

The New Dangerous Dogs Legislation and Why Dogs Bite

Recently we heard news of the legislation regarding dangerous dogs which “go out of control and bite”, and how this is now extending beyond the original breeds which were classed as ‘dangerous dogs’ to all breeds and will go further than the destruction order, to in some cases include imprisonment for the owner for up to two years.

The reality is that ANY dog can bite. Not just dogs with ‘aggression’.

dangerous dogs

It  (more…)