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Help! My dog keeps barking at me!

If your dog is constantly barking at you, it’s likely to be driving you slightly mad! ┬áCommon occasions when a dog may see fit to bark at their owners tend to be along the lines of the following:

  • When you return home.
  • When they want feeding.
  • When they are seeking attention.
  • When you are playing with them.
  • When they want you to let them through a door.
  • When you are asking them to (more…)

How to stop your dog barking at other dogs (or worse)

One of the most common behaviour problems I get enquiries about is dogs who bark at other dogs. With the changes in legislation of the dangerous dog act, owners are becoming more and more concerned when their dog is barking at other dogs – whether this is aggressive barking, or what appears to be a desire to play.

Depending on the size of your dog, there is also (more…)

How to use a Kong.

I’m glad you’ve stopped to read this post on how to use a Kong because the majority of dog owners are using them in the wrong way, so you can make sure you’re not one of them!

How to use a Kong, wrong!

The wrong way of using a Kong, involves filling it with food and giving it to a dog to spend time trying to get the food out in order to:

  1. Stop them from being destructive , or barking excessively (more…)