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Ever Wondered How Rough Should Dogs Play?

how rough should dogs playIf you’ve ever found yourself wondering how rough should dogs play there are plenty of considerations that affect this answer, and ultimately it is down to you as their owner to step in when you feel that it’s not appropriate. Dogs naturally play with their mouths, so ‘play fighting’ is very normal. It is your role to determine whether this behaviour is safe in the situation, and whether it has gone (more…)

How to stop dogs from fighting

If you want your dogs snuggled up relaxing like the dogs in this picture, then its important to understand why first, then you can stop dogs from fighting. The simple answer is that fighting is their playful way of finding out what the hierarchy is between them. Usually it starts and play fighting. Unfortunately, in some cases things get out of hand if both dogs are adamant that they should be higher  (more…)