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Puppy classes in Southend

If you are looking for puppy classes in Southend, I’m afraid I don’t offer them.  There is a reason that I don’t though, so please read on.  I have been to puppy classes in Southend in the past and I spent the majority of the time cringing, because the situation was simply too stressful and overwhelming for the puppies attending.  The classes I went to were extremely small, which is better, but from (more…)

Dog Training Classes Essex

As a responsible dog owner you are faced with an awareness that your dog’s behaviour is important, and therefore you automatically look into dog training classes in Essex. Why is this? It’s because it is the beaten path, that is what our culture are used to doing, going along to dog training classes or clubs, with a view to teaching our dogs obedience with the hope that this will improve the dog’s (more…)

Pulling On The Lead.

Yesterday I looked out of the window to see a young man being taken for a walk by his two dogs. The word ‘waterskiing’ sprang to mind! Dogs pulling on the lead think that they are ‘leading the hunt’, which means that they think that they are in charge of your pack. If your dog pulls on the lead, no matter how relaxed or obedient it may be at other times, it is thinking that it really ought to be in (more…)