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Dog obedience training

I often get asked if I offer dog obedience training. The simple answer is no. But that’s because I offer something better!  Dog obedience training is the traditional path to go down when taking in a new dog. Whether these are puppy classes or for a rescue dog that you’ve adopted. The reason that you will be seeking obedience classes is because you want a dog who is well behaved and sociable, and keeps (more…)

Dog Obedience Training Classes in Southend…?

Clay and AnnaIf you’ve clicked onto this article because you are looking for dog obedience training classes in Southend, then I am really glad you have found me. I often get asked whether I run classes, which I don’t. So I am then asked if I can recommend any dog training classes in the Southend area, and my answer is always no! Not because there aren’t any dog obedience training classes in Southend, and not because (more…)

Puppy training…

The standard response when taking on a new pup is to go to a generic puppy training class. These do have their benefit, but they also have their limits…  Because the puppy training I offer is slightly different to the perceived ‘normal approach’, I’ve been delightedly lately to have owners seeking out my help with their brand new puppies of 8 weeks or so!  These owners have acknowledged the importance (more…)