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Should I get a companion for my dog?

As dog lovers we want to do what is right for our dogs, and I often get asked the question as to whether owners should get a companion for their dog – and in particular, whether getting a companion will help their dog’s behaviour.  I am going to answer this question in 2 parts:

Should you get a companion for your dog?

This is a tricky question to answer, and the answer isn’t going to be the same (more…)

Introducing a new dog to your pack

Some lovely people I helped a little while back asked me to point them to some information about introducing a new dog to your pack.  I realised that I didn’t already have anything in the archives, so thought this was a great subject for a new blog.

Key things to consider when introducing a new dog to your pack

  1. Your dog may be concerned about the arrival of the new pack member; who are they, are (more…)