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What to do if your dog is scared of cars

A little while ago I wrote an article about dogs that won’t walk.  This article is in a similar vein.  Dog’s that are nervous on the walk, particularly dogs that are scared of cars, lorries, buses, motorbikes or any other vehicles that you could care to mention.  No doubt you are reading this because it is something you are experiencing, or you know someone who is having this experience with their (more…)

My dog doesn’t like men

It’s very easy for dogs to suffer with nervousness and fear when it comes to meeting people, and in particular I’ve helped a lot of dogs that are worse around men.  Either shying away from them and giving men a wide berth, or barking and growling in a pre-emptive self defence.

Those I help who have a rescue dog often assume that this means the dog was poorly treated by a man in the past.  However (more…)

Why does my dog shake?

Assuming firstly that you aren’t talking about the classic dog shake – getting rid of water scenario (and covering everyone else with it) – my old long haired boy Sandy (pictured) was fabulous at this!  His long hair absorbed so much water, and when he shook it was like being sprayed with a hose!

Vicky Kelly Dog Trainer

So why does my dog shake?

There are several reasons that your dog could be shaking. I have listed (more…)

What to do if your dog is jumpy or nervous.

What to do if your dog is jumpy or nervousIf you’re wondering what to do if your dog is jumpy or nervous, then I’m glad you are reading this blog, because a natural human reaction is usually the last thing a dog needs. We tend to treat dogs like children, and when a child is nervous or jumpy we would go to them, cuddle them and reassure them that everything is okay. A child would feel better about their concerns, feel loved and cared for, (more…)