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How To Train a German Shepherd Dog

If you want to know how to train a German Shepherd to be a calm and well behaved member of your household, then this is the article for you.  If you are after how to train one to attack on command, or perform a variety of tricks, then I’m afraid that isn’t the purpose of this post. train a German Shepherd dog It’s really important to train a German Shepherd to fit in well with your household, as (like all of the larger breeds) (more…)

Is Your Dog Jumping Up at Visitors…?

Isn’t it embarrassing when you invite an acquaintance round, and they come in to be greeted by a dog jumping up at them. There are numerous problems with this, which will vary depending on the size and intensity of your dog! Including…

  • Ripped/snagged clothes
  • Brusing/scratched visitors
  • Visitors feeling scared to come round
  • Children learn to become afraid of dogs
  • More frail visitors could be (more…)

Puppy training…

The standard response when taking on a new pup is to go to a generic puppy training class. These do have their benefit, but they also have their limits…  Because the puppy training I offer is slightly different to the perceived ‘normal approach’, I’ve been delightedly lately to have owners seeking out my help with their brand new puppies of 8 weeks or so!  These owners have acknowledged the importance (more…)

Dog kennels or home boarding

It’s nearly August, and therefore the holiday season is under way! I often get asked by my clients who are planning their holidays which is better; sending their dogs to dog kennels, or finding them a friend to stay with. It’s not that straight forward an answer, because it depends on the quality of care being offered in either case, and the personality of the dog that needs looking after. Every  situation (more…)

Pack structure and your dog

I had a brilliant question asked of me today, which was “once we’ve taken over the leadership role within our pack, what will our dogs role be?” – because in the wild and traditionally in our relationships with dogs, they have a role to play. When that role stops being the role of overall protector, provider etc, what will they do to feel happy within the pack?

The answer is that every dog is  different (more…)

Dog Training Gadgets, why not to use them…

There are a vast abundance of dog training gadgets out there in the pet industry, which will have you investing lots and lots of your hard earned cash with an expectation that with these gadgets you will see the changes that you wish for. A few that spring to my mind include Kong toys, haltis, choke collars, spray collars, shock collars, water sprays, clickers and the like. I’ve also seen a gadget (more…)