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Breed specific dog training and why you don’t need it


A common misunderstanding among dog owners is that their breed of dog has specific training needs. This belief is perpetuated by trainers, vets, books on the breed and breed forums, so it’s no wonder that so many people believe that their specific breed has specialist needs.

breed specific training

First off, let’s look at why the myth exists

Here’s an example or two:

You’ve got a husky. ¬†You know that (more…)

Your Chihuahua is Really A Wolf!!!

I’ve had some really interesting conversations over the last few days about dog breed specific behaviour. Or to be precise, about our perspectives of breed specific behaviour. Some examples include; huskies/malamutes pull on the lead, because they are bred to pull sledges. Lakeland Terriers are natural ratters, so will all want to find small creatures to kill. German Shepherd Dogs have a natural¬† instinct (more…)