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How to use a Kong.

I’m glad you’ve stopped to read this post on how to use a Kong because the majority of dog owners are using them in the wrong way, so you can make sure you’re not one of them!

How to use a Kong, wrong!

The wrong way of using a Kong, involves filling it with food and giving it to a dog to spend time trying to get the food out in order to:

  1. Stop them from being destructive , or barking excessively (more…)

Dog Training Gadgets, why not to use them…

There are a vast abundance of dog training gadgets out there in the pet industry, which will have you investing lots and lots of your hard earned cash with an expectation that with these gadgets you will see the changes that you wish for. A few that spring to my mind include Kong toys, haltis, choke collars, spray collars, shock collars, water sprays, clickers and the like. I’ve also seen a gadget (more…)