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What counts as normal puppy behaviour?

In this article I’m going to discuss some of the behaviours that are ‘normal’ to see from a puppy.  I will explain why the pup is doing this behaviour and whether it is something that you can expect them to ‘grow out of’ or whether you will need to take action to remedy it.  These are the behaviours I will tackle.

  • Nipping
  • Chewing
  • Toiletting
  • Jumping up
  • Sleeping a lot
  • Refusing to (more…)

How can I stop my dog jumping up?

To answer the questions of “how” we first have to understand “why” is your dog jumping up.

Why is my dog jumping up?

Simply put, jumping up raises height. If your dog is raising their height, they are also raising their status. Showing the person/dog that they are jumping up at, that they are big and important and a force to be reckoned with.  Or that they have the right to help themselves to certain (more…)

Why do I have such a disobedient dog!?

Many of the enquiries I receive come from owners wanting to stop their dog from being disobedient – and why wouldn’t they!?  Who wants to put up with any of this:

  • Dog running off with things they shouldn’t have
  • Repeatedly jumping up on the bed or sofa
  • Dogs stealing food
  • Dogs not coming in from the garden when they are asked
  • Dogs repeatly jumping up at you (especially, big heavy dogs)
  • Dogs (more…)

Dogs jumping up on the walk

If you’ve had the problem of your dogs jumping up on the walk at non-dog owners, then you have no doubt experienced the embarrassment of being told off by that person, demanding to know why you haven’t got your dog under control, and feeling a bit disgruntled about their now-muddy clothes…!

Why do dogs jump up on the walk?

Jumping up is about raising height and greeting.  If your dog feels the (more…)

How to use a Kong.

I’m glad you’ve stopped to read this post on how to use a Kong because the majority of dog owners are using them in the wrong way, so you can make sure you’re not one of them!

How to use a Kong, wrong!

The wrong way of using a Kong, involves filling it with food and giving it to a dog to spend time trying to get the food out in order to:

  1. Stop them from being destructive , or barking excessively (more…)

Train a dog like you would sell a product

Why should you train a dog like you would sell a product?  In order to make your training successful…  

What do I mean by this…?  

Think about what makes us buy:  We buy something because we need it.  It solves a problem that we are having.  The benefits of the product or service meet a need, or a pain that we are feeling.  And it is this principle on which people sell to us.  They point out  (more…)

How to stop your dog jumping up at visitors…

SAM_0075Jumping up (even from tiny dogs) is a problem dog behaviour.  So how do you stop your dog jumping up at visitors, and keep them calm and relaxed when they arrive…? The main problem here is actually the visitor! The best types of visitor to have around are ones that don’t particularly like dogs but aren’t scared of them, because they will mostly walk in and ignore your dog. Visitors who love dogs (more…)

Think you’ve got an untrainable dog?

I ask the question about having an untrainable dog, because it surprises me how many people I meet in passing who tell me about their dog’s behaviour as though it’s just something that they have to put up with (e.g. “Daisy jumps up at all of our visitors, it’s so embarrassing, we are constantly apologising for her, but that’s just the way she is”). Or tell me about what modifications they’ve made to (more…)

Is Your Dog Jumping Up at Visitors…?

Isn’t it embarrassing when you invite an acquaintance round, and they come in to be greeted by a dog jumping up at them. There are numerous problems with this, which will vary depending on the size and intensity of your dog! Including…

  • Ripped/snagged clothes
  • Brusing/scratched visitors
  • Visitors feeling scared to come round
  • Children learn to become afraid of dogs
  • More frail visitors could be (more…)