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Worried about the stray dogs in India…? Don’t be!

I have just returned from another fantastic trip to India.  It’s one of my favourite places to visit – largely because of the stark contrast to our UK way of life, which simultaneously makes me forget about everything back home, whilst also developing a newfound love for it!  (Who knew I could learn to appreciate concrete and socks on a new level?)

This time my travels took me to Goa.  A place I (more…)

How to have a relaxed and happy dog

Surely that’s what we all want?  A relaxed and happy dog?  Many people think about obedience as being a desirable trait, but ultimately, if our dog is relaxed and happy, then we won’t be needing to get them to “obey” as they wouldn’t be causing any trouble in the first place. They will be a joy to live with, and they will have the same feelings about us!

How to know if you have a relaxed and happy (more…)