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Destroying the myth: hyperactive dogs and exercise

I’d say at least 70% of dog owners I go and help are of the mistaken belief (when they get in touch) that exercise is an important tool for making sure that dogs aren’t hyperactive around the home.

Many owners, when describing their dog’s hyperactive behaviour to me will go on to tell me either:

  1. How much walking they do every day already – because they believe that will be my first bit of advice.
  2. (more…)

Exercise for a hyperactive dog

The common belief about exercise for a hyperactive dog is that they need lots and lots of it.  Not true.  The more you exercise a dog the fitter it becomes, therefore the better able it will be to continue with it’s hyperactive behaviour at home!  Yes it might be tired initially after the walk (although I’ve helped many owners who complain that this isn’t the case), but it will be able to keep going (more…)

How much exercise does a puppy need?

A business acquaintance of mine, Jacqui Fry, runs Moredge Canine Hydrotherapy Centre, and she has confirmed my suspicions that many people exercise their puppies too much. Recently Jacqui gave me the below image of the plate formation stages of the average dog, and we are looking at around 15-17 months until they are fully formed.  That means that high impact exercise before that time should be kept (more…)