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Why telling your dog off is not recommended

The vast majority of households that I go to help are already in a habit of telling their dog off.  At the very least saying “No” or “Aa ah”, in some case much more lengthy and forcefully.  One of my jobs is to let them know that this isn’t a great idea to do, and I’d like to share why not in this article.  I must say before you read on that I am aware that (if you are telling them off) it’s often (more…)

Should I get a companion for my dog?

As dog lovers we want to do what is right for our dogs, and I often get asked the question as to whether owners should get a companion for their dog – and in particular, whether getting a companion will help their dog’s behaviour.  I am going to answer this question in 2 parts:

Should you get a companion for your dog?

This is a tricky question to answer, and the answer isn’t going to be the same (more…)

How can I stop my dog jumping up?

To answer the questions of “how” we first have to understand “why” is your dog jumping up.

Why is my dog jumping up?

Simply put, jumping up raises height. If your dog is raising their height, they are also raising their status. Showing the person/dog that they are jumping up at, that they are big and important and a force to be reckoned with.  Or that they have the right to help themselves to certain (more…)

Why is my always dog mounting things?

Rather embarrassing for us, but perfectly natural for them!  If you find dog mounting things (humans, other dogs, inanimate objects) there is a reason for it.  And it’s not just because they are ‘horny’ (in fact it usually isn’t because of that at all).

Any dog could feel the need to start mounting.  Whether your dog is male or female, neutered or entire – in the majority of cases, mounting is a (more…)

Is my dog dominant?

Dominance in a dog can take on many forms, and I recently blogged about what to do if your dog is dominant, and the dangers of not doing anything about it.  However some forms of dominance are much more subtle than others, so it is worth a post to outline all the different behaviours which can help you to answer the question “Is my dog dominant?” for yourself:

Is my dog dominant?

It’s quite easy (more…)

Help; my dog is dominant!

What do you do if your dog is 50 shades of dominant!?

Being dominant means being in control. If your dog’s behaviour regularly involves him or her being dominant then he or she will think that means ‘control’ of your pack, which is a whole other problem in itself!

How to identify what is dominant dog behaviour.

These are the classic dominant signs; however some dogs are more subtle than others so (more…)