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What to do if your dog is jumpy or nervous.

What to do if your dog is jumpy or nervousIf you’re wondering what to do if your dog is jumpy or nervous, then I’m glad you are reading this blog, because a natural human reaction is usually the last thing a dog needs. We tend to treat dogs like children, and when a child is nervous or jumpy we would go to them, cuddle them and reassure them that everything is okay. A child would feel better about their concerns, feel loved and cared for, (more…)

What is meant by Fear Aggression?

Fear aggression is referred to both in a canine and in a human psychological context, and it literally means aggression which is induced by fear. In potentially life threatening situations, adrenalin kicks in and the body responds with flight, freeze or fight. Which response the adrenalin generates will depend on personality and past experience. All animals can learn to ‘get the first punch in’ if (more…)

Do You Have a Destructive Dog…?

It’s extremely upsetting for owners who have a destructive dog, coming home each day to see their belongings chewed or ripped up. Often expensive or difficult to replace items, including furniture or door frames, can be the targets. I’ve known owners to go to all different lengths to avoid further destruction, including putting their dogs in doggie day care, building runs and kennels in the garden, (more…)

Answering the Jan Fennell critics…

I was saddened today by a lady who explained that she had decided to go for castration as the option to ‘calm her dog down’, rather than learn a natural way to do that, because she had read a bit of criticism of Jan Fennell‘s method. It was a sad, but necessary, reminder that not everyone is prepared to put in the effort to ensure that they have a happy and relaxed dog, preferring to listen to the (more…)

Is Your Dog Jumping Up at Visitors…?

Isn’t it embarrassing when you invite an acquaintance round, and they come in to be greeted by a dog jumping up at them. There are numerous problems with this, which will vary depending on the size and intensity of your dog! Including…

  • Ripped/snagged clothes
  • Brusing/scratched visitors
  • Visitors feeling scared to come round
  • Children learn to become afraid of dogs
  • More frail visitors could be (more…)

Pack structure and your dog

I had a brilliant question asked of me today, which was “once we’ve taken over the leadership role within our pack, what will our dogs role be?” – because in the wild and traditionally in our relationships with dogs, they have a role to play. When that role stops being the role of overall protector, provider etc, what will they do to feel happy within the pack?

The answer is that every dog is  different (more…)

21 Dog Behaviour Myths Explained

As promised, today I am writing about some of the common (and not so common) myths that we hear about problem Dog Behaviour and Dog Training, and whether they are true or not. This blog is written with an understanding of canine instinct learnt from Jan Fennell. I am a Highly Recommended Associate of Jan Fennell, and regularly help dog owners to learn to understand their dogs and overcome and problem (more…)

Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

I often get asked by dog owners whether they’ve left it too late to start dog training, and I get asked this question by owners with dogs from as young as 20 weeks, to as old as 10 years. So that begs the questions “Can you teach an old dog new tricks?” and “How old is too old for dog training?” and the answer is simple. It’s never too late.

Dogs see every day as a new day, a day that they wish to (more…)

Your Chihuahua is Really A Wolf!!!

I’ve had some really interesting conversations over the last few days about dog breed specific behaviour. Or to be precise, about our perspectives of breed specific behaviour. Some examples include; huskies/malamutes pull on the lead, because they are bred to pull sledges. Lakeland Terriers are natural ratters, so will all want to find small creatures to kill. German Shepherd Dogs have a natural  instinct (more…)

What is Separation Anxiety and what do you do about it?

Separation AnxietyMany dog owners contact me saying that their dog has separation anxiety, but the understanding of what separation anxiety is differs from person to person. As it suggests the dog is anxious because is it separate from you. The key thing is though that the dog thinks that it is responsible for looking after you, and this is what causes the anxiety. It isn’t because the dog is lonely, or bored, or sulking. (more…)