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Puppy classes in Southend

If you are looking for puppy classes in Southend, I’m afraid I don’t offer them.  There is a reason that I don’t though, so please read on.  I have been to puppy classes in Southend in the past and I spent the majority of the time cringing, because the situation was simply too stressful and overwhelming for the puppies attending.  The classes I went to were extremely small, which is better, but from (more…)

The importance of having good recall with your dog

good recall for your dogIt seems like every day there is a post on Facebook about a missing dog.  Sometimes dogs are stolen in terrible circumstances that cannot be avoided, on some occasions a dog is stolen by someone who manages to call it away from it’s owners using a big food incentive, and every so often a dog will just run off, not come back when called and then go missing for days and days, causing a huge amount  of (more…)

When to put a dog to sleep

SAM_0330Age, ill health, or behaviour… How does one know when to put a dog to sleep? I’ve seen both sides of this in my life and work. I made the very difficult decision to put my beautiful boy Sandy to sleep when he was a very elderly 17 year old. It was a very difficult choice to make as there was no sudden illness or vet’s diagnosis, we just saw a very slow decline in his mobility and therefore the  quality (more…)

Why dogs bite…

I wanted to write an article explaining why dogs bite, because in many case when owners contact me after their dogs have bitten requesting my help, they are very surprised about it and don’t understand the reasons. Many then fear that they have got an aggressive dog, and that it will always bite. There are a number of reasons that dogs bite and there are also a number of things you can do to avoid (more…)

Ever wondered why dogs are scared of vets?

vet scalesNot ALL dogs are scared of vets, but not many of them like going there. So why are they scared, and what should you do if your is?

The fact of the matter is that vet surgeries aren’t a very nice place for a dog. Their first sense is smell. A vet will smell to them of a number of different unknown chemicals, it will smell of illness and death. It smells of the fear hormones of other dogs who’ve  been (more…)

Teaching a dog to heel – very simple, kind and calm method.


One of the topics I am frequently discussing with clients is how to go about teaching a dog to heel, so I felt an article on the topic would be a good resource for all dog owners, including my clients!

Teaching a dog to walk to heel is very simple! That is, what you need to do to teach them is very simple. The part which is difficult is having the patience required to get the message through, (more…)

Answering the Jan Fennell critics…

I was saddened today by a lady who explained that she had decided to go for castration as the option to ‘calm her dog down’, rather than learn a natural way to do that, because she had read a bit of criticism of Jan Fennell‘s method. It was a sad, but necessary, reminder that not everyone is prepared to put in the effort to ensure that they have a happy and relaxed dog, preferring to listen to the (more…)

Is Your Dog Jumping Up at Visitors…?

Isn’t it embarrassing when you invite an acquaintance round, and they come in to be greeted by a dog jumping up at them. There are numerous problems with this, which will vary depending on the size and intensity of your dog! Including…

  • Ripped/snagged clothes
  • Brusing/scratched visitors
  • Visitors feeling scared to come round
  • Children learn to become afraid of dogs
  • More frail visitors could be (more…)

Puppy training…

The standard response when taking on a new pup is to go to a generic puppy training class. These do have their benefit, but they also have their limits…  Because the puppy training I offer is slightly different to the perceived ‘normal approach’, I’ve been delightedly lately to have owners seeking out my help with their brand new puppies of 8 weeks or so!  These owners have acknowledged the importance (more…)

Why dog training classes often aren’t the answer…

It’s a standard response for many dog owners (one to be applauded) when acquiring a new dog, and wanting to ensure that it is well mannered and socially acceptable, to automatically enrole in dog training classes, in the hope that this will teach them how to behave. In fact many owners call me admitting that they didn’t take their dog to classes when they were young, as if that explains their behaviour; (more…)