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Vegan Dog Trainer Essex

As a vegan, I have noticed on some forums that a lot of my fellow vegans are interested in doing business with other vegans where possible.  As a vegan dog owner, I also have no doubt that it is also really important to you that the dog training methods that you pick are kind and do not cause any harm.

Well I am pleased to be able to say that I am a vegan dog trainer / behaviourist and I cover the (more…)

10 reasons this dog training wouldn’t work for you

Okay, if you are wondering whether sometimes this approach to dog training doesn’t work – the truth is that that can be the case, but let me reassure you that it doesn’t need to be that way.  There is no such thing as an untrainable dog.  However below are the top ten reasons that it wouldn’t work, and the resolutions to these problems:

Top 10 reasons this approach to dog training wouldn’t work


Breed specific dog training and why you don’t need it


A common misunderstanding among dog owners is that their breed of dog has specific training needs. This belief is perpetuated by trainers, vets, books on the breed and breed forums, so it’s no wonder that so many people believe that their specific breed has specialist needs.

breed specific training

First off, let’s look at why the myth exists

Here’s an example or two:

You’ve got a husky.  You know that (more…)

How To Train a German Shepherd Dog

If you want to know how to train a German Shepherd to be a calm and well behaved member of your household, then this is the article for you.  If you are after how to train one to attack on command, or perform a variety of tricks, then I’m afraid that isn’t the purpose of this post. train a German Shepherd dog It’s really important to train a German Shepherd to fit in well with your household, as (like all of the larger breeds) (more…)

How To Train your dog: with love?

The below is an extract from an article features in the Sunday Telegraph, print title “How to train your dog: with love” on line title “The dog training methods that leave your dog stressed”.

For owners of unruly dogs, a short yank on their lead and a stern telling-off can sometimes seem the only way of keeping their wayward pets in line.  But a new study claims that such methods of making sure (more…)

What to do if your dog training isn’t working

I teach a really specific method of dog training.  So if your dog training isn’t working, the first thing I’d be thinking is that it probably isn’t the right method.  I wholeheartedly believe in the method that I teach, so if you are doing a different method, then I would expect that your dog isn’t getting the right messages, so your dog training wouldn’t work fully.  Now that I’ve got that disclaimer (more…)

Training a dog based on their needs.

For successfully training a dog you need to have perspective on what is important to them.  What is their pain, or their need…? Well, their main focus is around survival of the pack.  The survival of the pack is dependent on clear leadership.  Someone taking full responsibility.  If you are working on training your dog, you need to start with meeting this need.   So how do you do this…?

Training (more…)

Train a dog like you would sell a product

Why should you train a dog like you would sell a product?  In order to make your training successful…  

What do I mean by this…?  

Think about what makes us buy:  We buy something because we need it.  It solves a problem that we are having.  The benefits of the product or service meet a need, or a pain that we are feeling.  And it is this principle on which people sell to us.  They point out  (more…)

Who is the best Essex Dog Trainer?

One of my clients recently mentioned that they’d had someone out to help them before me who claimed to be the best Essex Dog Trainer.  I found this fascinating and wondered how this person got this accolade, and on what basis they had been named Best Essex Dog Trainer?  Was it self declared?  Or had they won an award?  The conversation moved on so I never got any more information on this subject, and (more…)