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How To Train a German Shepherd Dog

If you want to know how to train a German Shepherd to be a calm and well behaved member of your household, then this is the article for you.  If you are after how to train one to attack on command, or perform a variety of tricks, then I’m afraid that isn’t the purpose of this post. train a German Shepherd dog It’s really important to train a German Shepherd to fit in well with your household, as (like all of the larger breeds) (more…)

Training a dog based on their needs.

For successfully training a dog you need to have perspective on what is important to them.  What is their pain, or their need…? Well, their main focus is around survival of the pack.  The survival of the pack is dependent on clear leadership.  Someone taking full responsibility.  If you are working on training your dog, you need to start with meeting this need.   So how do you do this…?

Training (more…)

Signs of a Stressed Dog

Through conversations and observations recently I’ve realised that not everyone is aware of the signs of a stressed dog. For me the ultimate point of dog training or being a Dog Listener is to remove the stress from the dog. Yes, we all want well behaved dogs that are enjoyable and easy to live with too, but knowing that by treating any dog using Amichien Bonding I am removing its stress, keeps me (more…)

Dogs and Children – so many similarities

We’ve joked as dog listeners for years, that if you wish to watch any television programmes to help you with your dog’s behaviour, then the best one to watch is Supernanny! This is because Supernanny confirms what we do, by keeping things calm, setting boundaries, being consistent, and giving a time out (naughty step for child, isolation room for dog) for unacceptable behaviour…

Interestingly dogs (more…)