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Why I wouldn’t recommend looking for dog trainers on Bark.com


If you’re looking for Dog Trainers on Bark.com here’s something you would benefit from considering…

What are you actually looking for?

I get notifications from Bark.com every day along the lines that “Katie is looking for dog trainers in Basildon”. Bark then goes on to say what Katie (fictional person) is looking for, e.g. obedience, classes, 121, and tells me how much it has told Katie (more…)

The importance of having good recall with your dog

good recall for your dogIt seems like every day there is a post on Facebook about a missing dog.  Sometimes dogs are stolen in terrible circumstances that cannot be avoided, on some occasions a dog is stolen by someone who manages to call it away from it’s owners using a big food incentive, and every so often a dog will just run off, not come back when called and then go missing for days and days, causing a huge amount  of (more…)

Think you’ve got an untrainable dog?

I ask the question about having an untrainable dog, because it surprises me how many people I meet in passing who tell me about their dog’s behaviour as though it’s just something that they have to put up with (e.g. “Daisy jumps up at all of our visitors, it’s so embarrassing, we are constantly apologising for her, but that’s just the way she is”). Or tell me about what modifications they’ve made to (more…)

What to look for in dog trainers…

When considering getting some help with your beloved dog, how do you know what to look for when it comes to searching for dog trainers? I have had many people book me following an intense search for something which ticked the right boxes for them, whereas others have found me simply through luck of the draw. In a largely unregulated industry, how can you be sure that you are finding dog trainers  that (more…)

The New Dangerous Dogs Legislation and Why Dogs Bite

Recently we heard news of the legislation regarding dangerous dogs which “go out of control and bite”, and how this is now extending beyond the original breeds which were classed as ‘dangerous dogs’ to all breeds and will go further than the destruction order, to in some cases include imprisonment for the owner for up to two years.

The reality is that ANY dog can bite. Not just dogs with ‘aggression’.

dangerous dogs

It  (more…)