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Review Vicky Kelly Dog Listener

Vicky Kelly is a member of Jan Fennell’s organisation of International Dog Listeners.  Vicky’s website shows the quality control mark that is issued by the organisation to members who participate in the evaluation scheme.  All of Vicky Kelly’s clients are given a feedback form and encouraged to send their comments and observations directly to Jan Fennell.   This is both with regard to the conduct of (more…)

Ever Wondered How Rough Should Dogs Play?

how rough should dogs playIf you’ve ever found yourself wondering how rough should dogs play there are plenty of considerations that affect this answer, and ultimately it is down to you as their owner to step in when you feel that it’s not appropriate. Dogs naturally play with their mouths, so ‘play fighting’ is very normal. It is your role to determine whether this behaviour is safe in the situation, and whether it has gone (more…)

Stopping a dog from chewing

stopping a dog from chewingHow to go about stopping a dog from chewing will depend on the reason it is chewing, and when it is chewing. Chewing usually occurs for 2 main reasons. One is early in life, a dog will chew while it is teething, to relieve the pain and pressure on its gums. The other main reason a dog will chew is out of stress or anxiety. Chewing provides comfort, as it releases endorphins, and gives them an outlet (more…)

Ever wondered why dogs are scared of vets?

vet scalesNot ALL dogs are scared of vets, but not many of them like going there. So why are they scared, and what should you do if your is?

The fact of the matter is that vet surgeries aren’t a very nice place for a dog. Their first sense is smell. A vet will smell to them of a number of different unknown chemicals, it will smell of illness and death. It smells of the fear hormones of other dogs who’ve  been (more…)

How to train your dog to come when called off a lead

Clay and AnnaBeing able to get your dog back when running off lead is really important. It keeps your dog safe from busy roads, would be dog nappers and it also prevents your dog from making an unwelcome approach to a nervous and/or aggressive dogs… If you want to train your dog to come when called off a lead reliably then read on for the basics of how to do it; and for those who wish to get a deeper understanding, (more…)

An Ode to Dog Behaviour Training…

If I’ve learnt one thing from watching The Simpsons, it’s that the use of song and rhyming words are very effective for making a point, so when deciding on the best way to describe what dog behaviour training can help with, I thought “why not through verse?!” and so below is my first poem as a Dog Listener…! 😀

Dog behaviour training

So if you are looking for some dog training to help you with any of these problems, (more…)

How to stop dogs from fighting

If you want your dogs snuggled up relaxing like the dogs in this picture, then its important to understand why first, then you can stop dogs from fighting. The simple answer is that fighting is their playful way of finding out what the hierarchy is between them. Usually it starts and play fighting. Unfortunately, in some cases things get out of hand if both dogs are adamant that they should be higher  (more…)

Answering the Jan Fennell critics…

I was saddened today by a lady who explained that she had decided to go for castration as the option to ‘calm her dog down’, rather than learn a natural way to do that, because she had read a bit of criticism of Jan Fennell‘s method. It was a sad, but necessary, reminder that not everyone is prepared to put in the effort to ensure that they have a happy and relaxed dog, preferring to listen to the (more…)

Think you’ve got an untrainable dog?

I ask the question about having an untrainable dog, because it surprises me how many people I meet in passing who tell me about their dog’s behaviour as though it’s just something that they have to put up with (e.g. “Daisy jumps up at all of our visitors, it’s so embarrassing, we are constantly apologising for her, but that’s just the way she is”). Or tell me about what modifications they’ve made to (more…)

Rescue Dogs and Their Needs

Yesterday I met a beautiful rescue dog called Benson, who is very lucky to have new owners who are dedicated to giving him the best life possible, and to removing his stress and anxiety. Benson came to them with concerns about being touched, and with nervousness associated with other dogs – causing him to pant excessively and bark profusely whenever he went out for a walk. Some of this behaviour  could (more…)