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Top Essex Dog Behaviourist

If you are doing your research, looking for a Top Essex Dog Behaviourist, then you could do a lot worse than Highly Recommended Dog Listener Vicky Kelly.  Vicky is qualified, quality controlled and insured to provide the best solution for your problem dog behaviour.  Her approach is very simple.  She adopts the methods of Amichien Bonding, which works on improving your dog’s behaviour using it’s own (more…)

How to train your dog to come when called off a lead

Clay and AnnaBeing able to get your dog back when running off lead is really important. It keeps your dog safe from busy roads, would be dog nappers and it also prevents your dog from making an unwelcome approach to a nervous and/or aggressive dogs… If you want to train your dog to come when called off a lead reliably then read on for the basics of how to do it; and for those who wish to get a deeper understanding, (more…)

Why Do I have a Hyperactive Dog?

… is a question I get asked by many dog owners. The common belief is that a hyperactive dog behaves the way it does because it isn’t being stimulated or exercised enough. Frequently the reverse is true. The dog is often being stimulated or exercised too much, giving it far too much to feel stressed about, and the stress is the cause of the hyperactivity.

Now you are probably thinking, “Hang on a (more…)

When is a dog’s life not a dogs life?

The term “it’s a dog’s life” is often used to describe how easy something is, because the perception is that all dogs need to do is eat and sleep, get cuddles and go for walks (with the assumption that those walks are enjoyed). Knowing what I know about dog psychology thanks to the excellent teachings of Jan Fennell I know that for the vast majority of dogs, a dogs life is far from easy! Dog have to (more…)

Do You Have a Destructive Dog…?

It’s extremely upsetting for owners who have a destructive dog, coming home each day to see their belongings chewed or ripped up. Often expensive or difficult to replace items, including furniture or door frames, can be the targets. I’ve known owners to go to all different lengths to avoid further destruction, including putting their dogs in doggie day care, building runs and kennels in the garden, (more…)