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Hyperactive Naughty Dogs

This week I’ve had a consultation with a couple whose dog has been (in what most owners’ eyes would be considered to be) very naughty around the house.  Doing things like:

  • Stealing things
  • Ripping things up
  • Running up and down the house
  • Jumping all over the furniture
  • Mouthing them
  • Biting the furniture
  • Running and jumping up at them

I thought I would write an article about it (more…)

Why do I have such a disobedient dog!?

Many of the enquiries I receive come from owners wanting to stop their dog from being disobedient – and why wouldn’t they!?  Who wants to put up with any of this:

  • Dog running off with things they shouldn’t have
  • Repeatedly jumping up on the bed or sofa
  • Dogs stealing food
  • Dogs not coming in from the garden when they are asked
  • Dogs repeatly jumping up at you (especially, big heavy dogs)
  • Dogs (more…)