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How To Greet A Dog

How To Greet A Dog is an excellent poster which has come to my attention today, which clearly illustrates the ways that we feel about human to human interaction, what is appropriate and what is inappropriate, and how many of the same rules apply to dog psychology. This is something that I often explain to my clients and when talking dog generally. I’ve attached a little portion of the poster below:

How To Greet A Dog









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The New Dangerous Dogs Legislation and Why Dogs Bite

Recently we heard news of the legislation regarding dangerous dogs which “go out of control and bite”, and how this is now extending beyond the original breeds which were classed as ‘dangerous dogs’ to all breeds and will go further than the destruction order, to in some cases include imprisonment for the owner for up to two years.

The reality is that ANY dog can bite. Not just dogs with ‘aggression’.

dangerous dogs

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