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Calm Christmas for Dogs

Are your Christmas preparations taking into consideration the busy-ness of Christmas, from a dog’s perspective?

It’s all a bit too much…

For many dogs, Christmas involves a degree of “too-muchness”.  Now, how much too-muchness is experienced depends on how different your Christmas period is to any other time of year, and how chilled your dog is about the festive comings and goings that are approaching.  (more…)

How to survive Christmas with a nervous dog

Christmas can be a stressful time for many humans, so it’s important to remember how our canine counterparts may be feeling at this time of year.  Especially if you have a nervous dog, as there are many facets to Christmas, which can add to the anxiety your dog is already experiencing.

What makes Christmas worse for a Nervous Dog?

An already nervous dog can be (more…)