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Why dog training classes often aren’t the answer…

It’s a standard response for many dog owners (one to be applauded) when acquiring a new dog, and wanting to ensure that it is well mannered and socially acceptable, to automatically enrole in dog training classes, in the hope that this will teach them how to behave. In fact many owners call me admitting that they didn’t take their dog to classes when they were young, as if that explains their behaviour; (more…)

Looking After Jack Russells

I’ve helped numerous clients with their Jack Russells recently, with varying behaviour problems; from excessive barking, nervousness, pulling on the lead, separation anxiety, all the way through to aggression. I’ve also fostered a Jack Russell Terrier called Daisy in the past, when she was between homes. She was naturally a very nervous dog, who learned to trust me over time, which helped her to relax.

So (more…)

Signs of a Stressed Dog

Through conversations and observations recently I’ve realised that not everyone is aware of the signs of a stressed dog. For me the ultimate point of dog training or being a Dog Listener is to remove the stress from the dog. Yes, we all want well behaved dogs that are enjoyable and easy to live with too, but knowing that by treating any dog using Amichien Bonding I am removing its stress, keeps me (more…)

Perceived Danger for dogs – a Jan Fennell post

Once again I am really delighted to be able to share the words of original Dog Listener Jan Fennell on my blog.  This week she is addressing what is perceived danger for dogs. Please feel free to paste comments and questions which I will duly answer:

“When we think of a dog perceiving something or someone as being a danger to either them or their family, we tend to think of the dog barking loudly (more…)

What to look for in dog trainers…

When considering getting some help with your beloved dog, how do you know what to look for when it comes to searching for dog trainers? I have had many people book me following an intense search for something which ticked the right boxes for them, whereas others have found me simply through luck of the draw. In a largely unregulated industry, how can you be sure that you are finding dog trainers  that (more…)

Abandoning the ‘Blame Game’ by Jan Fennell

Another published article from the original Dog Listener Jan Fennell sheds more light on Dog Behaviour. Really happy to be able to share these words of wisdom with my dog training clients:

“Once I learnt to avoid blaming others for things that happened to me I was able to improve, achieve and grow. The reason being, that we almost always play an integral part in every event that comes our way. Whether (more…)

Looking for cheap dog training…?

Anyone who knows me well will understand that I don’t pay for something unless I absolutely have to, or really really want something, so it occurred to me that some people may do a little research into getting help with their dog’s naughty behaviour, find out some prices and go for the cheapest one, or find out some prices and decide that they don’t mind the behaviour that much, so rather than spend (more…)

How Long Does It Take To Improve Problem Dog Behaviour?

When I go to help my clients with their dog training, to resolve the problems they are experiencing with their dogs; I am always asked how long will it take until the bad dog behaviour improves? I get asked this by every owner, whether their dog is a biter, barker, has separation anxiety, pulls on the lead, jumps up, or isn’t toilet trained. Whatever the behaviour, whatever the breed, people always (more…)