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Help our dog is attacking our other dog!

In the last week I have had 4 separate enquires from people needing help because one of their dogs is attacking another of their dogs. ¬†This is obviously very upsetting for the people who enquired as the dogs are all a part of the family, and it can be very difficult to see that these problems can be overcome and that there isn’t a need to permanently split the dogs up.

Why does it happen?

When one (more…)

Is my dog dominant?

Dominance in a dog can take on many forms, and I recently blogged about what to do if your dog is dominant, and the dangers of not doing anything about it. ¬†However some forms of dominance are much more subtle than others, so it is worth a post to outline all the different behaviours which can help you to answer the question “Is my dog dominant?” for yourself:

Is my dog dominant?

It’s quite easy (more…)