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My dog doesn’t like men

It’s very easy for dogs to suffer with nervousness and fear when it comes to meeting people, and in particular I’ve helped a lot of dogs that are worse around men.  Either shying away from them and giving men a wide berth, or barking and growling in a pre-emptive self defence.

Those I help who have a rescue dog often assume that this means the dog was poorly treated by a man in the past.  However (more…)

What to do if your dog shows aggression towards visitors

This article is about what to do specifically around the time when a visitor comes to your home if your dog is showing aggression towards visitors.  However just doing this on it’s own is not enough – this will only manage the situation and keep your visitors safe and your dogs out of trouble. If you have a problem with aggression towards visitors, you need to implement this advice immediately, AND (more…)