Success stories – Benson the VERY nervous dog

After receiving some lovely messages from Benson’s Mum Maggie I decided it was high time to share (with her permission) a little of his story.

Previously nervous Benson

Maggie got in touch with me after her daughter (who was a fan and follow of the Monty Robert’s method for horses) found my website – knowing that there must be an equivalent, natural way to help Benson.  Benson was, bless his little heart – terrified.  Of most things! He wasn’t really relaxed in the house, he got worse as soon as you took him outside – lunging and barking at anything that went past.  He didn’t like people walking past the front, or back of the house and was often barking and looking really scared at the same time.

Benson’s Mum and Dad were really worried about him.  He couldn’t be groomed and had to be sedated just to get his microchip done at the vets. He’d had a really tough time before he came to be in their home, and they knew that was probably having an impact on things as well, so they never blamed him for his behaviour, they just wanted to know how they could help him.  We arranged a visit and I taught them everything that Benson needed them to know and do in order for him to be a happy boy.  Luckily for Benson his Mum and Dad took everything on board and put the changes in place to help him be a happy dog.  The Dog’s Trust since advised Maggie that without the help they gave him, he would probably never have been found a home.  He has gone from being a dog who didn’t trust anyone, to a dog who has ‘friends’ he goes out for walks with now…  Something Maggie and Ron never thought would be possible for him, based on his barking and lunging behaviour.

Fear of other dogs
Benson didn’t used to be comfortable around other dogs

He also has a regular groomer and is brushed daily.  It’s wonderful for me to receive lovely messages from Maggie from time to time, declaring things like:

Thanks for all your help and support & advice!!  Benson’s happy lifestyle is a result of your experience and input Vicky!!!”  and “We’re soooo happy with our boy and so grateful to Vicky for giving us the ‘tools’ to turn his life around, something we’re proud of!! “

And, of course, it is Maggie and Ron that put in the hardwork.  Benson must be very grateful to them that they took all his stress away and gave him the chance to enjoy life.

If you are wondering if there is help for your difficult/stressed dog – there is.  It won’t be a walk in the park, you’ll have to put in some work and be consistent – but Benson’s story is an example that will helpfully motivate you to put in that effort.  Your dog will be so grateful that you did!


One thought on “Success stories – Benson the VERY nervous dog

  1. Ah that’s a lovely blog entry, Vicky, and so very true!! We’ll always be grateful to you for showing us how to enhance Benson’s life!! :))
    With love, Maggie, Ron and Benson :)) xxx

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