Signs of a Stressed Dog

Through conversations and observations recently I’ve realised that not everyone is aware of the signs of a stressed dog. For me the ultimate point of dog training or being a Dog Listener is to remove the stress from the dog. Yes, we all want well behaved dogs that are enjoyable and easy to live with too, but knowing that by treating any dog using Amichien Bonding I am removing its stress, keeps me very motivated to always use this method.

So what are the signs that your dog may be stressed…? Easy to spot signals include:

  • pulling on the lead
  • hyperactivity at home
  • A stressed face (eyes wide, face pulled back) in any situation
  • Panting (unless in a hot climate)
  • Obsessive behaviour
  • Pacing about
  • Not relaxing often

If your dog is showing any of the above behaviours, then it could definitely benefit from being less stressed. Fortunately this is relatively easy to achieve, by simply taking the leadership role from them. The method that you use to do this is key though. Jan Fennell’s method of Amichien Bonding is calm, kind and makes total sense to the dog. If you need direct help them I provide dog training in Essex and the surrounding areas, and can help you to remove the stress from your dog.