Dog mess to be painted orange by Rochford Council to ‘shock’ owners

Dog mess is being sprayed orange in a part of Essex to shock owners into cleaning up after their pets.

Dog mess to be sprayed orange
Dog mess to be sprayed orange.
Rochford District Council will use spray paint for the next two weeks to highlight how much is not being picked up.  It is part of its campaign to tackle dog fouling and littering, which are problems in

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Is this really a good use of council money?!  What do other dog owners think?  I’m of the opinion that this money could be better spent on monitoring the areas and issuing spot fines to those allowing their dogs to foul and not cleaning up after them.

The importance of removing dog mess

I fully support the importance of encouraging owners to clean up after their dogs, as dog mess can cause Toxocariasis, which is an infection caused by roundworm parasites.  It is an essential part of responsible dog ownership, and not cleaning it up is meant to come with a fine of £75 on the spot.  Do you know anyone who has been issued such a fine?

Do you think that there are certain areas that it’s okay to leave dog mess behind?  And what do you think of the owners who bother to pick up the dog mess, bag it, but then leave the bag on the floor or hanging by a tree..?  Let’s hear your thoughts on this latest intervention in the world of dog owners…



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