Review Vicky Kelly Dog Listener

Vicky Kelly is a member of Jan Fennell’s organisation of International Dog Listeners.  Vicky’s website shows the quality control mark that is issued by the organisation to members who participate in the evaluation scheme.  All of Vicky Kelly’s clients are given a feedback form and encouraged to send their comments and observations directly to Jan Fennell.   This is both with regard to the conduct of Vicky Kelly as a professional, as well as how helpful the support was, as provided for the improvement in their dogs behaviour.  Details of this scheme are available here.

Review Vicky Kelly Dog Listener

As a results of the continuously excellent feedback that has been sent by Vicky’s clients to Jan Fennell’s Head Office, Vicky has held the title of “Highly Recommended Dog Listener” for a number of year.  Her status as such can be viewed on Jan Fennell’s website here.  Jan and her team continuously review Vicky Kelly Dog Listener, so you are assured that the quality of her work is top notch.

Ultimately the success of the improvement in the dog’s behaviour relies on the consistency of the owners carrying the actions out, but any client of Vicky’s is welcome to take advantage of the life time back up support service, included with every consultation, to ensure that they are consistently doing the right things, and to check if they have any doubts or problems.

If you wish to leave a review for Vicky Kelly for the public to read, you can do it via her Google+ page, for which the link is below:


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